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Your Own Automatic Rock Polisher

7 years ago / 0 comments

It might not sound this exiting, but this device is actually pretty cool. You put a stone in it, any stone, and then let it do its thing; and after a …

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The important role of science through history.

7 years ago / 1 comments

Introduction Science plays a key role in today’s society, but the thing is many people don’t realize this. There are even people who don’t “believe” in science. Yet the very reason …

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Apple Prepping a Low-cost 4-inch iPhone

7 years ago / 3 comments

Over the weekend, rumors have been flying around hinting the release of the next-generation iPhone in 2013. Initially, it was rumored that Apple will release a low-cost 4.8 inch iPhone very …

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Rumours Iphone 5s release in June 2013

7 years ago / 2 comments

The rumour mill has started again with rumours about the next generation iPhone. As usual, Apple are saying nothing and leaving us to speculate and guess until the moment arrives. The …

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