Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler is the CEO and main author of Gadgetzz, since 2009. While Mr. Krahbichler’s expertise is in consumer electronics, his true passion is science´, and educating the world about the universe we inhabit. Currently Johny is using his experience from covering trade shows such as the CES, to work with trade show exhibition marketing. Also co founder of the non-profit Scientific Literacy Matters

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Arguably virtual racing, E-sports, is becoming more and more like the real thing by the year. With wheels that have
With the Coronavirus pandemic many conferences, trade shows, and events have chosen to go virtual. But what is it actually
Do you have a kid that’s heading off to college? Maybe you are thinking about taking some night classes on
We humans have our racial, sectional, and cultural differences, but, there’s one aspect where we share a common ground: depending
That's right everyone, Gadgetzz now has an Android app that you can use to read Gadgetzz on your phone with
Most of you might not even know that I photograph other things than tech and gadgets. But I enjoy taking

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