Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler is the CEO and main author of Gadgetzz, since 2009. While Mr. Krahbichler’s expertise is in consumer electronics, his true passion is science´, and educating the world about the universe we inhabit. Currently Johny is using his experience from covering trade shows such as the CES, to work with trade show exhibition marketing. Also co founder of the non-profit Scientific Literacy Matters

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Parker Warner Wright Releases a New Creepy Puzzle Video 2019 (Latest Update 08-18)
PWW’s (Parker Warner Wright, creator of 11BX1371) Facebook account recently resurfaced after having been unpublished for some time. Then on
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Best Search Engines You Might Not Have Heard Of
The majority of people have heard of popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. But did you know
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black shark news thumb
Top 3 Gaming Smartphones and What to Play on Them
When you talk about mobile gaming people tend to become skeptical. The reason is that mobile gaming hasn’t evolved to
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wooden diy laser harp cube
DIY 3D Arduino Laser Harp
      This wooden cubic laser harp was built by jbumstead on Instructables. It looks really amazing. You can’t
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Using Video Walls at Home [Infographic]
When we watch sci-fi movies we see video walls everywhere. You can just access your computer or watch tv anywhere.
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4 Troubleshooting Ideas for When Your Tech Breaks Down
Are you sitting behind your computer wondering why it’s taking five minutes for your internet browser to open? Or are
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7 Cool Gadgets for the Modern Writer
Whether you’re a freelance writer, a novelist, or a content marketer, chances are writing plays a major role in your
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