Robotic Plant Pot Follows The Sun

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The plant pot that walks around following the sun and pestering you to water it. It feels like I’ve seen this before but I’m pretty sure that’s not in an episode of Black Mirror.. …

These Stripes Show Climate Trends for Every Country in the World

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These stripes represent the average temperatures in a location of your choosing. Each stripe is a year and blue stripes are cooler than usual while red ones are hotter than usual.

Listen to a Country Song Written by an AI

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“You Can’t Take My Door” is what happens when you take a neural network and tell it to create a country song. Obviously the resulting lyrics are pretty nonsensical. But it does succeed in …

Tested: Ultrasound Forcefield Lets You Feel Virtual Objects Mid Air

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Ultrahaptics is definitely one of the coolest things Gadgetzz has tried out at the CES. The technology uses an array of ultrasound speakers to stimulate the surface of your skin, creating the illusion of …

Dustin Expo 2019 Round Up

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Dustin Expo is the largest IT event in the Nordics. For three days the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden is filled with tech exhibitors.

Parker Warner Wright Releases a New Creepy Puzzle Video 2019

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PWW’s (Parker Warner Wright, creator of 11BX1371) Facebook account resurfaced after having been unpublished for some time. Then on Apr 7, 2019 a new creepy puzzle video was released on PWW’s Youtube channel. It …